6 – 9 YEARS

From 6-9 years, children become curious about discovering “how” things work. They want to figure things out and they can’t wait to know and learn more. During these years, there is no need to push children to “study”. They naturally do it.

In TLI Pedagogics primary curriculum we place our focus on developmental-sensitive schooling. This includes to connect with the interest of the children and with the present life situations. Children work and study in small groups, engage in projects, study alone or team up with another child. During the stay in the TLI Primary school, the children are active in discovering and learning. The teacher acts as a mentor along the way.

Once a week each child has a private talk with the teacher about their studies, their development, their findings and their well-being. Group leaders are constantly with the class to take care about their emotional and social well-being. The mentor is a teacher who keeps the eye on the academic progress of the children in the group.

  • Learning happens through self-initiated or mentor-initiated ideas and impulses.
  • Regular presentations engage all children.
  • Children learn from other children, before asking the group leader or mentor for help.
  • Multi-Age-Groups make this easily possible.
  • Impulse-talks of children or mentors initiate new ways of thinking and approaching a theme or topic.
  • Group meetings and children conferences guarantee a democratic and/or sociocratic approach towards decisions on room settings, team building, etc. Learning through real-life-experiences dominates the day.
  • At the end of the year each child has its own portfolio that show their successes, results and outcomes.