Our Charity Projects around the Globe

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Project Number 1: Cost-free education for parents and educators/teachers

Project Number 2: Supporting pre- and primary schools with non-for-profit standards or in rural areas to upgrade to modern education

Project 1: Cost-free knowledge for Parents & Educators/Teachers
Target: Create an Impact by spreading the word of Modern Education

Some years ago, Marion discovered that many parents and educators/teachers are not updated on the innovation of early years education which is becoming a strong driving force since the early 2000. In many cases, parents and educators/teachers simply do not know. Not knowing means, that the ideas of modern education have not been presented to them till now. Without knowing that a swift is happening, change is difficult. One of Marion’s Mentors used to say:

  • First – we have to know!
  • Then we need to try to remember what we have heard!
  • Only when we remember, we can start to practice!
  • With practice, practice, practice – finally we will master!

When Marion realized that many parents and teachers are not aware and simply don’t know, she decided to create two YouTube Channels – one for parents and one for educators/teachers. These channels empower parents and educators/teachers. How?

  • It enables ALL to gain knowledge at no cost
  • It guarantees the ability of repetition as often as one wishes
  • It provides many ideas which can be put into practice, practice, practice!

Together with a dedicated team, she started to put out knowledge and information which people can consume at no charge. To make it available to many more people, the TLI Association Europe takes on the job of marketing and spreading the work in Europe and the 2020 established TLI Bliss Trust takes on the marketing and spreading of the work in the Asian Area. Together we wish to reach as many parents and educators/teachers in the world and help them to know, to remember, to practice and finally to master. This project has the power to transform education, parenting, and schooling.

If you yourself are interested, simply follow our YouTubes Buttons on the top and bottom of the page.

Project Number 2: Support existing Preschool Projects with low budget, Non-for-Profit Standards or in rural areas to Upgrade to Modern Education
Target: Create an Impact by helping to make the Change

Many preschools and primary schools are ready and want to create a change but need help. The TLI Association Europe and the TLI Bliss Trust in India are working hand in hand to make the change possible. Low Budget schools, schools in rural areas, schools who are founded on non-for-profit concepts receive support in training, upgrading and implementation through consulting. This is possible of course only within the possibilities we have through our generous donors and members who tirelessly support the work and the projects.