The TLI Academy offers workshops for Parents and Early Childhood Teachers. It’s workshops range from educational content, to child development and personal development.

The target is to allow parents and teachers to fulfill their commitment to help each child to grow into an independent, strong, autonomous human being that has strong self-esteem, courage and understanding of social moral. Education is more than academics or gaining knowledge. Parents and Educators help children to develop social skills and to discover the power of resilience within them. This will help our growing generation to act as mature adults in the future and to succeed in life.


To take on this job both, parents and teachers are perpetual students:

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  • We provide trainings for parents and teachers in our TLI Academies.
  • We offer consultancy to individuals and groups
  • We are experts at in-house training for preschools and kindergartens.
  • Our Online trainings make it possible for all to study, even if far away.
  • We always strive to create high quality content and help you to become a great channel in your field of expertise.
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  • You may simply use our Online-TLI-Academy to study with us.