Children’s motivation in Learning does not need to be developed. The inner motivation or the inner drive to learn new things and to be interested in everything exists and is a basic credential for children on their way of natural development. Young children love to learn new things and are constantly working on getting to know more and more. We all know, that children gain knowledge very fast in those areas which they really like and still we ignore this fact when it comes to schooling.

So, as parents or teachers, we should ask two important question,

1. “Why does this interest decrease or even disappear after some years?
2. And more importantly, “How can we keep the motivation up?”

When we understand, that knowledge is gained automatically in the proper surrounding, we can start focusing on increasing the “fun-factor” for learning. This perspective helps us to understand, that the most important step is our nurturing of the children’s interest and allowing them to grow like a plant through proper nutrition. To learn something of no interest is neither fun nor easy for both – adults as well as children.

In our present education system, we also learn lots of information in advance. That means that we accumulate knowledge about things, which we don’t need for the next decade or even never. US Studies show, that 95% of information studied only for a test or exam will be forgotten about three days after the test has taken place. Having this knowledge it is even more surprising that in many countries, content based learning and lecturing with no real-life experience, is still the main methodology in school.

Thereby, all of us hold the key of transformation in our hands. When we dare to allow children to grow in their own speed of curiosity and knowledge, I guess we will be surprised on how fast children accumulate information and knowledge. Education then becomes a new and interesting path for a child and a teenager to walk. They could use their first twenty years of life to become the best version of themselves and to manifest their potential to a much higher degree.

It is easy said, but reality shows, that system and curriculum does not always allow this kind of approach. And even if the Curriculum gives this direction, it takes well educated and mature teachers to manifest a different learning approach.

We also realize! Besides the inflexible and rigid systems, new movements start. We notice that Education world-wide is in a transition period. The time is now! The process to create a very new way of education has started already. In different areas on different places of the world – new and innovative ways of education grow. Parents as well as innovative modern-thinking teachers are moving towards these ideas, strongly feeling, that the approaches of the 20th century should be left behind.

We welcome this movement!
We, at TLI Pedagogics are a part of this movement!
Join us in this uplifting times!